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Dynamic couplings

Simualtion of orographic gravity waves

Simualtion of orographic gravity waves observed by (left) SABER (a current space-based limb sounder employed in studying global distributions of gravity waves) and AtmoSat (right). The 3D distribution from AtmoSat allows to derive the wave vector and thereby to unambiguously identify sources and further propagtion. This was demonstrated with the airborne GLORIA instrument for a first time from real measurements.


The stratosphere also influences near-surface regional climate and long-term weather via dynamical coupling with the troposphere. Variations of the strength of the polar jet play a decicive role for this coupling. AtmoSat will provide the necessary data basis to investigate the detailed mechanisms (e. g. the role of atmospheric waves) of these couplings and to represent these mechanisms and their effects quantitatively correctly in models.


Major scientific messages in the literature: